Friday, October 03, 2003

Well twas truely another week from Hell. NaziQueen should REALLY win a Worst Supervisor of the Millenium award. Bah, too long to go into that.

On one of the Radio Stations I listen too, on Monday, they introduced a new D.J. they had open auditions to replace the last female that left the station. The new gal is named Alyicia. She really did well. Anyway, so Tuesday I'm driving to work and some one calls the station and is saying, how WONDERFUL Alyicia is, they have been listening to her from Day one. And I thought DAY ONE! That was YESTERDAY! ::Rolls eyes:: How stupid was that?

So in my plot escape my Job, i have enrolled in the University of Phoenix. I start Oct 16th. So looks like I need not go to Night shift. Which is good, and bad. Good, I really am liking days, BAD I gotta keep putting up with the Naziqueen.