Friday, October 03, 2003

Well twas truely another week from Hell. NaziQueen should REALLY win a Worst Supervisor of the Millenium award. Bah, too long to go into that.

On one of the Radio Stations I listen too, on Monday, they introduced a new D.J. they had open auditions to replace the last female that left the station. The new gal is named Alyicia. She really did well. Anyway, so Tuesday I'm driving to work and some one calls the station and is saying, how WONDERFUL Alyicia is, they have been listening to her from Day one. And I thought DAY ONE! That was YESTERDAY! ::Rolls eyes:: How stupid was that?

So in my plot escape my Job, i have enrolled in the University of Phoenix. I start Oct 16th. So looks like I need not go to Night shift. Which is good, and bad. Good, I really am liking days, BAD I gotta keep putting up with the Naziqueen.

Tuesday, September 09, 2003

Another work week Done! I was training someone this week. Really not to bad, the woman I was training is one of my favorite people at work, she's very sweet. of the things I was required to do this week was pour up a new Acid Bath. Which means dressing in plastic and mixing acid and HF until you have a mixture of 5 parts water to 1 part Acid. (hence called 5:1 HF) Anyway...Before you snooze off....The point of this, was my trainee was doing a double check on a tool and I told her as I walked by that I was going to go get my Acid Gear. Both she and the guy she was double checking said, "what?" I said "I am going to go get my Acid Gear" They started laughing. Seems they both thought I said "I am going to go get my Ass in Gear!" Which was true too, totally unmotivated day.

I was visiting my sister that lives near Denver, last week. She's been reading my blog, and I've been naming my others sisters, Chatter, Spaz.....She asked what I was gonig to call her...I couldn't think of anything at the time, but suddenly the PERFECT Nickname hit me while I was...I don't know....taking a shower or something. Now, understand, I love my sister dearly and give her this nickname with the UTMOST affection. She hence forth will be called B*tch. And before anyone gets upset, I'm sure when she reads this, she will laught the hardest.

Some weird hormonal glitch happened during her last pregnancy. Well, her 4th pregnancy, not telling for sure if its her actual LAST one or not. She has three boys and this last one was a girl. Anyway - for some reason during this time, she just started calling me a B*tch, all the time which was quite funny. Even funnier was the time she looked my 20yr old son Yoshi in the eye and said "your a son of a b*tch!" Luckily he understood pregnant women are nuts. Or, my family is nuts, one of the two, or both.

So I have 4 sisters. From oldest to youngest....Missalissa,Chatter,MEEEE,B*tch and Spaz. I've not come up with a good nickname for my hubby. He's a carpenter, so something like Hammerguy. I don't know.

Okay, nuff for now, I'll try and write more often.

Wednesday, September 03, 2003

Interesting week at work? I took today off, friends in town visiting. Anyway...lets see I worked in the Bermuda Triangle this week. Three machine's notorious for issues, lets see Sunday, two were up, once came up, Monday in the morning all three were up, one went down in middle of shift the other dropped end of shift, I came in Tuesday to One machine up, which went down briefly. Added to that, I was in that corner working next to a woman they call "Kathy Bates". She's really okay, but she talks alot, she's up one moment and in the dumps the next, she plots dozens of ways daily to get herself out of her finacial bind. My specialist told me she'd watched me during the morning and I would walk from machine to machine working, fixing lots, fixing machines and Kathy was right behind me talking, talking,talking. Whats funny is I didn't notice! I tuned her out. :grins:

I can do this, because, I have a sister...that talks virtually non-stop. Let me share two stories about her. One time I'm in the car and she tells me some guy called...he was asking her what she was wearing...etc. Now my sister, I'll call her Chatter. Well, she's a innocent, pure of heart a truely really wonderful person.....who just can't stop talking due to problems with learning disabilities and stuff. ANYWAY - Its clear to me, the guy was leading up to phone sex by the things she was telling me he was saying, she was clueless to this - Anyway, it seems she answered some of his questions, just honestly...then I asked what she talked about and she said she told him all about her cat, and how my cat died...I'm kind of laughing inside, and ask her what finally happened, she said, he finally just hung up, I asked how long they talked........TWO HOURS! I had to laugh!! the Idjit man! Okay, then another time we get in the car, I'm driving her home from somewhere that will about two hours....and I'm getting a migraine, so i ask her to Please...not to talk, I've a terrible Migraine. She starts telling me how she can be quiet, sometimes she likes to look out the window....silence is nice....she doesn't mind...she'll just look out the window, maybe she will see or Deer, remember the time L hit a deer? Little fawns are so cute, I'm glad L didn't hit a fawn.............Etc, you get the picture, after 30 minutes I said again, PLEASE....I'm really getting a migraine...and she started the same conversation all over again. So, Compared to my sister I love dearly....this woman can compete for talking. Its said, I tune out sometimes on her (Chatter) even when i'm TRYING to listen.

Okay back to my work....Okay so I get my Review this week. I really got a spectacular review got virtually Max points in every Category except...Attendance, I missed work 1/19/03, 4/12/03 and 4/14/03. Which Drops me from getting and "A" Rating to a "C" rating. I think they over weigh Attendance, I really do. So, I wanna know...How I got "15" points for Productivity, being one of the MAX outputters, added to the fact that I fix peoples machines and mentor everyone (actually said that in my review, I do incredible amounts of work and yet tune machines AND Mentor people as I go) how was I so fantastic, if I was abusing my email so horribly that I had to be written up? Gah. what a load of Crap...well, I am fantastic :grins: The load of crap is I don't abuse my email. ::grumbles::

Oh, So Monday I'm walking into the airlock and the Tech I use to work with is smocking up, I said Hiya...

Tech: Morning, wow you look tired, not sleep well.
Me: (Actually feeling FINE) Um :laughs: I'm fine, not feeling tired actually.
Tech: :groans: Nice huh, just like saying "good morning you look like crap"
Me: laughs

Isn't this the truth? LOL Men. :grins: however since ALL he could see were my eyes...I didnt' take this too personal...added to that, once I got to bathroom, I saw my eyes were pretty red....seems I'm having allergy problems this year...odd, very rare for me.

Overheard in airlock:
woman: i should know, I've been with lots of men.
man: ya, but I'm it doesn't apply to me.

::shakes head:: wonder what they were talking about and wow, announcing to darn near WORLD that you sleep around a lot??? The girl couldn't have been 20.

Okay well I probably have to do something useful. I also need to get ahold of my sister and figure out how to put links in here.

Friday, August 29, 2003

So I made like $8 yesterday cleaning my room. Who would think a person could find that many quarters under their bed? Not to mention a few other lost things. I really need to look under my bed more. Even found an extra kid I thought I'd lost. My sister Spaz, who I love dearly, don't get me wrong, even SHE Called herself Spaz-Something in her AOL address. So I figure I can get by with that. Anyway. she has a good job that she makes good money at. She's a natural born sales person. ANYWAY - she recently bought a new bed set and is giving me her old one(I use the term "old" loosely - its really like 6 months new) Did I say giving? ::coughs:: no she's selling it to me for an undisclosed amount. Anyway, I got my room Mostly ready for that. Even cleaned off my computer Desk. I really had wondered what I did with my copy of last years taxes.

Anyway - So I think you all know I'm planning on college. Okay so I'll be like closer to 50 then 40 when i get done. I'm hoping I can get a degree where I can actually make some money when I get done. I was leaning towards Business, but my son Yoshi informed me that was about like getting a psychology degree. (Yoshi isn't REALLY his name...but its a nickname - so I'm using here) Anyway, so I'm going to TRY and get a hold of a friend that actually works in the Business field and see if he can offer me a little bit of hope.

If not, ::sighs:: I don't know what I'll do. Keep investigating. Okay well back to whatever it is I do when I'm not blogging.

Tuesday, August 26, 2003

My Week is Over ::Dances happily about the room:: The NQ was gone the last two days, the mood is totally different, People almost border on happy!

They had an "Employee Appreciation Barbaque" today. We begged the stand in supervisor for an extended lunch and got an Extra 15 minutes (woohoo! - okay so most of the other area's got 30-45 minutes extra....) The Employee's didn't exactly Appreciate the Appreciation dinner, The Burgers were good, so were the brats....we had chips and watermelon too. Was okay. Would have like to have some baked beans. But it was free, so what the hey.

Otherwise the day was pretty uneventful.

Monday, August 25, 2003

Well, its been another few interesting Days at work. Here's something curious that happened to me today. Lets preface it a bit, our tools access our computer system and download the lot names and recipes needed, the tool I was using, downloaded, but after wouldn't clear its memory, so I had to keep cleaning it up with the same two computer functions, which...well lets face it...gets old. So, I talk to the tech, reboot the tool, tech says "we need Server Rebooted, Call IS."

Me: Hi, This is CamiSue in "specificed work area" and I'm running "specified tool" and although its downloading, I have to do the DIPA function and clear the memory each time, its also not downloading venting and running history to the system. The Tech said we need to get the server rebooted.

IS Drone: Are you the point of Contact:

Me: Well, No. Who is?

Is Drone: The supervisor over the area.

Me: she is gone.

IS Drone: You need to find the point of contact that is covering and let them know, I can't
help you.

Me: fine.

I call the stand in supervisor who calls the IS person...About 30 minutes later the IS person calls me.

IS Drone: Yes, your tool is downloading fine, Can you please tell me whats error you are getting?

Me: Yes, its downloading fine, there are no errors, it however is Not Clearing its Memory and I have to do the clearing computer functions after each batch is finished.

IS Drone: We will need to reboot the server then.

The things I wanted to say were: Me: I'm sorry, I'm not the point of Contact, you'll have to call the point of contact. (who is clueless) And When she told me she needed to reboot the Server, I wanted to say NO SHIT! I told you that before.

Next thing I need to work on Learning NOT To care!! after 6 years as a Tech, I get upset when I see things that I know will lead to issues, that will lead to some tech trying to sort the problem. However, I'm no longer a tech and when I point out these issues....its Not appreciated. SOOOOOOOO CamiSue - Shut up and become Apathetic!! Pointers on this would be appreciate, how to Hone the fine art of Apathy! There must be an IS Person out there with pointers!! I'm not sure my email address is attached to this, cause...I'm new at this and not a PLease - No porn spam, I seem to get enough of that, as well as 7000 people wanting to help me get Debt Free!!

Tuesday, August 19, 2003

Okay, lets try and reconstruct that blog I wrote. Remember that song about the cake that took too long to bake and he'll never have that recipe again? Thats what it feels like when you lose a blog!

Okay Conversation of the Day.
Coworkers and I were discussing related people at work. (yes pressing for topics of conversation)
Me: you know that Jeff C is Jeremy H's Uncle?
Tech: really?
Me: ya, thats how Jeremy H came to work here - he has an agricultural degree.
Tech: And he went into Maintenance?
Me: ya - his previous job was castrating pigs.
Tech: I can see that interview - Ya, I was castrating pigs, I think I'd be a good fit for Maintenance Tech.
Me: He should have applied for Management, castrate to management much better fit.

Note: Jeremy H. is a really good maintenance tech.

How is it, like I said, Pressing for good conversation, that you end up talking about the same odd subject to the same person? There is this one girl, I don't even know her name, occationally when we end up in a passthrough together. (Passthrough - Door opens, you step into passthrough, door closes, other door opens, has to do with Air Flow concerns in a clean room) She always gives me an update on the temperature in her area.

Me: Hi
Her: hi, wow, its like really hot in there today.
Me: its cold in my area today.

Next day.
Me: how's it going?
her: its not so warm today, and I wore shorts. :Sighs:
Me: bummer.

Like what do you say?

We work 12 hour shifts, 3 days one week and 4 days the next, this brings on the
exact same conversations over and over...

Me: how's it going?
Coworker: Good, for a long week.


Me: hows it going?
Coworker: so glad its a short week!

Then there is the Comments
Sunday: I hate Sundays.
Monday - Short Week - Only one more day!
Monday - Long Week - I hate long weeks.
Tuesday - Short Week WOOHOO, its Friday! (this pisses off the people that have to work 5 - 8 hour shifts)
Tuesday - Long week - God, I wish it was Friday
Wednesday - Thank GOD its Friday, I hate long weeks.

These statements are heard over and over and over and SADLY I too fall victim to this. Its like you HAVE to say something, but you really don't know what to you...pull out a trite but True phrase.

NOTE ON MY ESCAPE FROM HELL: I sent Email to my Supervisor and her boss and the "C" shift Supervisor, requesting "C" Shift, due to "Family Concerns and other reasons". Not stating, I have to get away from NaziQueen. - I'm on "A" Shift. I figure if I say I want to get off the shift to get the hell away from her,until I can make my final escape, if it falls through, I'm screwed.

Monday, August 18, 2003

Gah, I wrote a long blog and lost it! That bites! It SAID it saved it and didn't.

Saturday, August 16, 2003

My last night of Freedom. :sighs: I go back to work tomorrow. I had a nightmare about the NaziQueen last night. She was lauching bombs at my castle, almost hit my husband! And took out my hotwater heater so I couldn't take a bath! Analyze THAT.

So Tomorrow I will try and walk around like some kind of a Zombi and try to not get upset about anything and Monday I talk to my Manager and try and get on another shift. Wish me luck, huh?

I suppose one Example or so of NaziQueen would help. Okay...She gets upset when any employee's talk to other employee's. We are suppose to work. Never mind if ALL machines are running and there is NOTHING to do. Talking is EVIL!! We should sit in our chairs and stare at our machines. We are not suppose to Email, sleep or talk. Does this sound reasonable? Oh oh, but we Should also Function like a TEAM! ::snorts: Her favorites are her Snitches. Who of course can do No wrong. One of her Favorites has been sleeping for the better part of a month, I don't mean nodding off infront of a machine, I mean finding spots to sleep. Well after a month - We had a bad day, and her help was needed, NQ yelled at one of the specialists for not getting enough done, and said You should have gotten Help from SB (sleeping beauty, sleeping b*tch take your pick) When it was explained she DID ask for help...but the gal didn't wanna wake up. SB gets talked to by NQ, but then, CATCH THIS!!! In our morning meeting, the NQ allows SB to BIRATE us for Getting her in trouble! She is in the middle of a divorce and can't sleep :sob sob:: And none of us are perfect and we shouldn't be running around trying to get her in trouble. (note, woman has TOLD people she had an why the shock and dismay about being divorced?) This being birated is Final straw for me. Can anyone BELIEVE this crap goes on??

Okay enough...I best sleep so I can be on my best behavior tomorrow. ::rolls eyes::

Friday, August 15, 2003

Well I finally arrived home. Sounds like we got out of Michigan just in time! I bet the down power grid will be traced to a driver from Chicago. I managed to not scatter my belongs around the country too much. I just left one of my favorite movies at my cousins. (The Count of Monte Cristo)

I have to go to work Sunday. I'm really not looking forward to that. At least Hell is Air Conditioned...:sighs:

I'm too tired to write much today, just wanted to update. Sure wanna know if anyone is reading this. Still haven't figured that out. Was nice to get home and take a shower in my own Shower, Something about being able to walk almost naked to your room to get dressed, thats just comforting.

okay well....nuff for now...

Thursday, August 14, 2003

I thought of explaining why I'm trying to escape and it sounded like a whine, unless you know me I suppose. So lets start with Getting to know me!

I was born the Third of Five daughters - Middle child syndrom....meaning I do ANYTHING to get attention. Well, Almost....I haven't robbed a bank...yet. And rarely run around public naked.

I married at 18 had my first child at about 20, he's 20 now...which for those who don't do math, I just turned 40. I also have a son who is 17 and a daughter 13.
I'm STILL married to that same Man ::listens to gasps of surprise and awe:::
Yes yes....its true!

Okay well I'm sure this will get boring. So I think I'll skip more for now. Anyway, Shortly after my 21st Birthday I started working at this place, which at the time wasn't Hell, but has become hell. I know - whine whine, be happy you have a job - and I am...its provided for us for years....still, my soul is dying there, my hopes, ambitions....:sighs: And I'm becoming this person I don't like, I am trying to reclaim myself - publicly (note that third child comment earlier)

And MAYBE some millionaire will say, Wow....She should work for ME - then pay me HUGE sums for doing something I Playing Gemstone III....or doing his personal shopping, giving him advice...or HER, It could be a female millionaire, I'm not picky. I just hope they have a good dental plan.

Well, signing off for Now, headed across North Dakota for a bit to day.

And can someone tell me how to figure out if anyone has read this? LOL, okay that was stupid, if someone told me, then I know they were reading...::babbles::

Wednesday, August 13, 2003

Well after discussing blogs with my sister for a while, we decided perhaps I should start my own. So here it goes. I call this plotting my escape from Hell as I've worked the same place for closing on 20 years and things just keep getting worse. For example, we shall henceforth refer to my boss as "The Nazi Queen" or even just NQ for short. My first step will be getting off the shift I'm on and going to another shift, most likely Night Shift. Which I've done before and can do again.

I've actually started this Blog while on a road trip. We started in the home state of Colorado, headed across Nebraska, into Iowa, up in Illinois to Chicago. (Note: I don't like Chicago Drivers) Across Indiana, into Michigan where we stayed a couple days in the Thumb....back across Michigan around the lakes, Across Mackinaw bridge and then through Wisconsin, across Minnesota and we are now in North Dakota.

A few Items Noteworthy on the Trip:

Overheard in a Bathroom at the Country Kitchen in and Iowa RestStop

Child:mom, whos’ that
Mom: I don’t know
Child Mom,who is that!
ME: I’m CamiSue
Child: I’m Lance

Moments pass

Lance: I’m done pooping,smell it mom.


Lance: I’m Done! Mom,Smell it!
Mom: Lance, Don’t be gross.
Lance: I AM gross.

Silence, butt wiping going on or something, now is the mom’s turn.’

Lance: are you gonna pee or poop?
Mom: Lets announce it to the world.
Lance: MOM are you going to pee or POOP!’’

Done washing hands, I decided it would be rude for me to continue to listen…

I really had to Laugh about this, reminds me of my Sister and her son. I'm sure at some point in my blogging i'll go into more depth on that.

After this conversation, we left and drove on. We had NOT made plans for booking Hotel Rooms, I many people can be staying in Iowa? Well, we were wrong. Later – stumbling tired, FINALLY we find a place to stay….pull out little room card, it doesn’t work! It doesn’t Work! Keep Trying!!! Still doesn’t work!

Voice from room: You have the wrong room.
Me: We aren’t Drunk (which of course lets them think we are!)

I should have added we were just stupid.

I was somehow thinking to assure them we weren't trying to break into their room cause we were drunk. My sister is still laughing at the stupidity of my announcing that. Ah well....

Well enough blogging for now. I'll catch up more later.